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Tune your colors

We prefer dark colors for the bottom and lighter or more pop colors for the upper body, to illuminate the face. Nothing better to have a healthy complexion!

Maximum three colors
It is better to limit yourself to three colors on your whole outfit, no more. At the risk of making it a bit messy and unbalancing the silhouette.

Novices can start by matching two colors. The safest way to achieve a beautiful colorful marriage is to start with a fairly neutral tone and to associate a color more present in small touches.


Eat of everything

It is essential not to banish any food, at the risk of causing deficiencies and not providing for the needs of our body. Whether the meal is taken at work or at home, it must contain one food from each family (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals) to ensure balance. To do this, simply include a portion of starchy foods, vegetables, meat or fish on the plate and finish with a small portion of cheese and a piece of fruit.

If industrial sweet products are not indispensable to our organism, on the contrary, don’t deprive yourself of a small piece of pie from time to time. A square of dark chocolate with coffee is good for body and mind. It is with restrictions that frustrations and food impulses appear.





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Exercise at home

The advantage of doing sports at home is that you can practice an activity at your own pace, without worrying about the pace of others. If you are watching a sports video on a site, you can pause it whenever you want. You can choose the exercises you like, the ones that will motivate you to do sports at home. Gym, weight training, stretching, yoga… everything is possible!